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Dutch Pro Light Mix is comprised of the finest selection of ingredients that will help give your plants the best environment in which to thrive. When combined with the whole range of Dutch Pro nutrients and additives, your yields will be nicely boosted! Dutch Pro Light Mix carries the RHP stamp of quality, which is the Dutch standard for horticultural grow media which ensures a stringently monitored, quality product that will give constant and reliable results.

Dutch Pro Light Mix has naturally high air porosity which helps keep the root zone fresh and aerated. This is great, as the air exchange assists in keeping moulds and fungus away, which could potentially ruin your grow. As well as the porosity, Dutch Pro Light Mix absorbs water easily. This increased wetting ability allows your nutrient mix to spread evenly throughout the soil. Your root systems will have great access to the feed which helps boost uptake of essential elements. It also means your nutrient stays where you want it instead of running straight through and out the bottom. That nutrient you pay for will give you its maximum potential!

Dutch Pro Light Mix – a tailored blend of 50% black peat, 40% white peat and 10% perlite. The perlite (graded at 2-6mm) gives the soil its great aeration properties. Many soils have a naturally occurring amount of macro nutrients and Light Mix is no different. With an NPK rating of 15-10-20, there is enough to give your plants a bit of a head start! Dutch Pro Light Mix comes with a pH level of 5.3 – 6.0 in the bag and an E.C of 1.3.

Dutch Pro Light Mix is free of pathogens and organism that are harmful to plants, animals and humans.


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